End of Summer Celebration

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OK! So the Hogs (A-10)s’ visit was a great success…let’s do one better..a social CdAAA get together each month. And, let’s start it off next week at North Idaho Cider—it’s right across the street from Coeur d’Alene Airport and has an awesome lounge. We’ll celebrate the end of summer and “apple time” with a brew and bite at North Idaho Cider. Start at 4PM for you early birds, and go to closing if you so desire! Several selections of unique cider blends and a no chost BBQ to die for. Let’s get together and celebrate the end of summer the beginning of Fall. North Idaho Cider supports CdAAA, let’s support this establishment!

See you there! (can also discuss the proposed increase in assessments for the hanger tenants). Muy importante!

Come—it’s important!

Friday, September 29, 2017

North Idaho Cider

Airport Way


4PM – 6PM or whenever!

Elsbeth Roach


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